Safety assessments on cosmetic products are carried out on healthy volunteers in accordance with the international guidelines and ethical principles established by the Declaration of Helsinki. The studies are carried out by qualified technicians under the supervision of dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

Mérieux NutriSciences - Tests on cosmetic safety - In vivo tests

Skin compatibility

This test confirms the absence of irritation after applying a cosmetic product and it is performed by a dermatologist on a panel of healthy volunteers with normal or sensitive skin.

  • Occlusive patch test – 24 hours
  • Occlusive patch test – 48 hours
  • Semi-occlusive patch test
  • Open epicutaneous test
  • Test with the supervision of a dermatologist: the product is delivered to a panel of volunteers who will use it for a month; the dermatologist will then evaluate the absence of adverse reactions after the first application and after a certain interval.
  • Ophthalmological test: it evaluates eye compatibility of cosmetic products to be in contact with the periocular area. The test is performed with the supervision of an ophthalmologist on a panel of volunteers with normal or sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses. A self-assessment questionnaire and an interview with the ophthalmologist to evaluate possible undesired feelings are also associated.

Besides clinical tests to evaluate the efficacy of cosmetic product to support the claims, tests to evaluate customer satisfaction are also performed.

Mérieux NutriSciences - Table in vivo safety


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