Consumer’s satisfaction and the “Wow effect”

One of the fundamental ingredients to make a product successful is customer’s satisfaction; however, how can their needs be anticipated? Sensory analysis and market research are a sound support in this field.

Mérieux NutriSciences - Sensory analysis of cosmetic products

Sensory research helps companies to create a link between consumer’s opinion and the operational indications needed for R&D to act on the product and improve its performance.

Consumer research: besides the intrinsic efficacy, knowing consumer’s perception and what is the value attributed to product’s features is important.


  • Monitoring product performance in its market
  • Identify product strengths and weaknesses
  • Monitor your competitors
  • Compare new products or changes in formulations with existing market products


  • Highlight peculiar differences with competitors
  • Check if the claim can be easily understood by consumers
  • Verify if product performance as directly reported by consumers support claims


  • Know what consumers want, what they like or dislike by combining Sensory product profiles and Consumer preference data
  • Provide clear instructions to improve existing products and develop new formulations

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