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High-end knowledge sharing at the right level to grow your organisation

At Mérieux NutriSciences we believe that sharing knowledge makes people stronger.

Therefore, we share the knowledge and experience that our experts gain in practice with a wide range of training courses. Appropriate for each level in the organization. Whether it concerns the board, management or production employees. Always a training format that fits the situation. Whether it’s online, on-site or game format.

Online Trainings

With an easy to use online platform we offer various items of training. With a login, you select the e-learning of your choice. Here you can collect points and receive a certificate upon completion.

Public Courses

Several in-depth trainings at all levels of the company. Conducted at a training site or your business location. From lead auditor to hands-on beginner training in food safety.

Customised Trainings

There is a solution for every training need. With the expertise of the experienced trainers you will come to an appropriate offer. As an example, we can provide an international organization with multiple production sites with the same workshop. International training with the same harmonized approach

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