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The right product information for retailers and consumers

Launching a new product in the market, expanding a private label or exporting a product? What should you include on the label about your product? What information is required to do so? What legislation applies?

When you bring products to the market, you have to deal with (inter)national labelling legislation. A complex field that demands time, knowledge and experience. Our experts will support you.

Mérieux NutriSciences understands food and nutrition labeling regulations and the repercussions of a mislabeled product. Mislabeled products can cause problems for a brand in the form of a recall, brand reputation and risks to consumer’s health.

How we help the food industry

Experts who handle your labelling issues remotely or on-site. They assist with the formulation of product information for packaging and labels. They also help establish and/or maintain product specifications in accordance with the most recent legislation.

Mérieux NutriSciences can support your needs

Label Check

Check food labels comply with local regulations to assure label meets import and export regulatory compliance.

Nutritional Declaration

Development and validation of nutrition facts table starting from analytical testing reports, from official nutritional databases or literature evidences.

Regutalory support

Technical and regulatory consultancy to answer inquiries on compliance topics.

Claim Compliance

Review nutrition content and health claims to meet regulatory requirements, including support with Front of Pack information calculation.

Label translations

Translation of mandatory text in accordance with regulations.

Specification management

The recording of all product-specific requirements and information.

  • Yearly more than 130000 label checks
  • Countries monitored 70 and monitoring more on regular basis
  • worldwide 16 regulatory & labelling offices
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