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Process Validation

Process Validation

Process Validation studies ensure your process can achieve the targeted level of safety and/or meet regulatory requirements.

What is a Process Validation?

Process Validation is a documented and consistent study which ensures that a process, working within controlled parameters (“controlled process”), produces finished products within food safety requirements. Given that the process is conducted within the controlled process parameters, we can ensure that the risk of food hazards are monitored and therefore controlled.

Mérieux NutriSciences strongly believes that the key drivers, to manage food safety through the process are:

  • Knowledge of the reality of the process
  • Knowledge that the process works under controlled parameters
  • Validating the efficiency of the process
  • Validating the process, operating with the adverse parameters affecting a food, ensures the elimination or non-entry of the hazard.

Which processes must be validated:

Our expertise can help you to validate:

  • Thermal processes for pathogens destruction/reduction (Sterilization, Pasteurization, Sterilization in acid products, heat treatments for low water activity products, UHT, Cooking, Drying, …).
  • Cleaning processes in front of allergens and detergent residues
  • Sanitation processes (Microbiology, disinfection products residues)
  • Non-thermal processes for pathogens destruction/reduction (High pressure, Marinating, Acidification…)
  • Mitigation measures for acrylamide production
  • Reduction/no growth of certain pathogens in foods or ingredients
  • Nutrition, health or vitamin and mineral claims
  • Mixing processes
  • Metal detectors, other foreign matter, magnets, sieves

Our Method

We work closely with our customer to design the best way to run the validation and follow through to its completion. With the best design, our validation will obtain the most reliable results. Adhering to recognized industry protocols, our technicians bring highly specialized expertise to each validation study. At each stage of our custom-designed projects, our team will keep you informed and involved in the process. The stages of validation are:

  • Validation design
  • Implementation of the validation
  • Decision-making and report

Our validation studies (reports) can provide independent and unbiased evaluations.

Mérieux NutriSciences process validation studies and reports are recognized

industry-wide for their attention to details. Our experts deliver precise data

for your food safety decisions, providing you with actionable data to verify

the effectiveness of your production processes and ensure the safety of your

finished products.

We have

  • More than 10 years of experience
  • A worldwide team with a network expertise
  • Multiple scientific publications on process validation
  • 7 laboratories in EU with and more than 10 specialized experts in process validation
  • More than 1000 Process validation successfully carried out around the world
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