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Get a grip on your food safety initiatives

Conducting an audit will give you insights of compliance and any bottlenecks. Depending on the situation, you choose the audit that fits best. With one of our carefully selected methods, there is always a possibility that suits you.

How we help the food industry

Supplier Audits

As a purchasing party, you are expected to check and demonstrate the purchase requirements with your supplier. However, these agreements are becoming increasingly difficult to secure remotely. We are therefore happy to check whether your chain assurance is in order. This way you can be sure that the food safety, quality and/or contractual agreements with your supplier are secured.

Food Safety / Hygiene Audits

Want to guarantee your food safety in a smart and effective way? With our HACCP audits you meet your obligation to have an annual audit or control done. We assess all areas, asses the handbooks and registrations and process this in clear reports.

Customized Audits

There is a solution for every audit need. With the expertise of the experienced auditors we will come to an appropriate offer. As an example, we can provide an international organization with multiple production sites with the same audit. Harmonized approach

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