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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

A growth in the search for sustainable products has been registered over the last years: this issue is particularly felt in the packaging sector since packaging is a fundamental means of communication, but is also a source of waste. Limiting such waste is one of the most important targets both in the packaging and food sectors where several international initiatives against plastic and food waste are going ahead. 

Producers and designers are multiplying their efforts to lighten packaging and make it more sustainable.

One way to measure sustainability of a package is Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA), aiming at evaluating the impact of a production on the environment during its lifecycle, from cradle to grave. 

New materials have been developed these last years to answer sustainability challenges: renewable, recyclable, recycled and compostable materials, but also monomaterial products, “light” packaging, reusable and refillable products. The multiplication of policies on packaging prevention and recycling all over the world and especially in Europe, is a strong indicator that “green packaging” is not just a trend but will significantly impact the markets. The already implemented initiatives directly affect final consumers and the safety of all these new materials is a major topic, in particular for food contact suitability.  

Mérieux NutriSciences at the forefront of packaging innovation & regulation

The sustainability of packaging lifecycle is constantly evolving: through our recognized packaging experts, involved in multiple international scientific committees, Mérieux Nutrisciences has a complete understanding of regulation changes and technological advances. 

Thanks to our complete range of services and continuous analytical innovation, we provide to the packaging and food industries the right advices and solutions for their business.  

Mérieux NutriSciences’ ranges of services to help you reaching sustainable packaging

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