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Sustainability Strategy Management

Sustainability Strategy Management

Be prepared with a clear sustainability strategy

You have a clear goal in mind and want to best serve your stakeholders. Of course, you want to approach this structurally, while anchoring it well within your organization. This allows you to get and maintain a clear view of the sustainability context of your organization and its related requirements. Be careful, though, avoid unpleasant surprises and only work with experienced specialists who really help you on your way towards a sustainable organization.


We determine your starting position based on a planned approach. We map out your stakeholders, review applicable legislation, analyze your supply chain, identify risks and then make recommendations. We help determine a clear sustainability vision and the resulting strategy, objectives and KPIs. We then assist in setting up a (data) management system to monitor your goals and report progress.

  • Legislation
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Mission and vision
  • Management system
  • Risk management
  • Report


With our services, we help your company make more substantiated choices. Whether your organization is just at the start of its sustainability adventure or has already progressed, we can help you even further! Our approach is pragmatic and solution-oriented.

With Mérieux NutriSciences you are sure to find:

  • Sustainability experts
  • An advisor for the entire process
  • A proven effective partner in the food industry
  • A solution-oriented approach
  • The latest scientific insights
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