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Get your IFS ESG check

Get your IFS ESG check

Climate change is a concern for all individuals and companies of all sizes, but finding the right way to address environmental impacts and Sustainability topics in general is not an easy path. It can be especially complex for small & medium companies that have less resources to get organized and to define a clear strategy & management system. 

To answer this issue, IFS – a well-known GFSI standard owner – has issued a certification to help businesses integrate ESG principles within their operations. This scheme, IFS ESG Check, mostly targets small to medium enterprises and is meant to guide businesses across the implementation of a sustainability management system.  

Here is a summary of the main features of the IFS ESG Check certification: 

How can we help?

  • Gap analysis: based on the requirements of the certification scheme, we establish a gap assessment based on your documentations & interviews across your organization. This assessment can be done on the ESG module alone or with the carbon footprint module;
  • In concertation with the management team, we will help build short-term objectives (quick wins to get the certification) and long-term goals to support your company strategy overtime;
  • Implementation of the work plan with a steering team and, if needed, a carbon footprint study can be performed (scope 1 + scope 2). 
  • Third party audit: participating to the external audits and supporting documentation management; 
  • Further execution of the work plan and customized support on the long-term.  

Why working with us?

With over 25 years experience working in the food sector, Mérieux NutriSciences has acquired a strong knowledge of food-related challenges, from food safety & quality to sustainability and new consumption expectations. 

From our core business in quality, we understand standards & protocols and we know how to work with food companies to put them into practice. 

With our network of over 40 offices across the globe, there are high chances Mérieux NutriSciences has experts close to your offices and production sites. Check our locations.

Please reach out to our team & explain to us your needs!

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