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Corporate Carbon Footprint

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Any company that desires to improve its environmental impact on climate change must first better understand what its impact is. The starting point is generally to calculate the corporate carbon footprint. It sets a baseline and allows your company to define a strategy and set targets, take actions and assess progress. Carbon accounting is an incredible opportunity to fuel a company’s ambitious sustainability roadmap.  

The Greenhouse gas protocol, which is the world’s most widely use GHG accounting standard, defines the emissions of a company as follow:

  • the direct emissions of a company due to its activities and energy consumption (scope 1&2)
  • the indirect emissions that are a consequence of the activities of the company (scope 3). These emissions are more challenging to calculate as it covers a large range of activities across a company’s supply chain.

Our consultants can calculate your carbon emissions on scope 1, 2 & 3, in accordance with the GHG protocol. Depending on the data you are able to collect, it can be decided to start the focus on scope 1 and 2 and address only some topics of scope 3. 

How to proceed? 

First, get in contact with us! There are multiple ways to calculate an environmental footprint: based on your goals, we can help you define if the Corporate carbon footprint is the best option. 

If you decide to get onboard, we will define with you the scope of the calculation and define a workplan. 

  • The first phase of it is data collection: supported by our software tool & consultant, you will have to collect the data. It can be electricity bills’ data, fuel consumption, number of company’s cars, etc. 
  • Then, we translate the data into carbon emission. These translations depend on many factors : your geography, the kind of fuels used, etc. We look at the guidelines of your sector to make the most accurate assumptions and we cross-check results with multiple databases. 
  • Finally, we hand you over a report with all the key information related to your company and its footprint, to help you make the best decisions. Our report will highlight where you have room for improvement and will guide your actions’ prioritization.  

With time, the data collection phase will become easier and you will start to have a better expertise of where your hotspots are. Other environmental footprints studies, at product or activity level for example, can enable you to be more precise and drive even more meaningful actions. Click here to check our other services. 

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