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The fruit and vegetables sector is a segment of utmost importance in national and international agro-food systemS. The increase in the demand for organic fresh fruit and vegetables has also increased the need for more inspections in terms of numbers and sensitiveness.

Other factors such as the quick perishability of fruit and vegetables and their transport in areas that are very far from the place of origin and place of sale (with specific rules related to the destination country) increase the complexity for the operators.

At the same time, the livestock sector constantly undergoes strict inspections by various controlling bodies in bacteriology (according to Reg. 2073/05, chapters 2 and 3 for carcasses of cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, and Reg. 1086/2011 for poultry carcasses) and in the research field of pharmacologically active substances in accordance with Regulation EEC/EU no. 37 - Regulation (EU) no. 37/2010 dd. December 22, 2009, which defines their classification as for the MRLs in foodstuffs of animal origin.

Mérieux NutriSciences presents its customers an analytical proposal including almost 750 pesticide active ingredients that can be determined for the most part with a quantification limit of 5 ppb and more than 150 pharmacologically active substances, subdivided into antibiotics and hormones. Many accreditations, acknowledgements and authorizations obtained by the laboratories and essential to this sector at national and international level complete the overview.

The availability of two offices (Resana and Prato, in Italy) that can perform the same analyses combined with the technical expertise of our agronomists and technicians is the suitable support for sector operators to meet the different needs of the global market.
Finally, the support provided by our logistic network throughout the country -including the islands- and Mérieux NutriSciences employees ensure the perfect preservation of samples during their transport and optimizes the analysis time.

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