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Consumers need to be sure about the quality and origin of the foods they eat. Food frauds jeopardize product authenticity, cause economic damage and can pose a risk to consumers’ health.
Mérieux NutriSciences offers food companies a long-standing scientific expertise to prevent and reduce food adulteration to safeguard food authenticity.

Food Fraud is the deliberate production and/or commercialization of non-compliant food for economic gain that could impact consumers’ health. 

According to GFSI, frauds can be of different nature:

GFSI food frauds

When dealing with Food Fraud and Authenticity, there are many issues to consider, that require an integrated approach on a case-by-case basis, by considering the product, the specific food chain, the historical data, the socio-economic trends, etc.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers a 360° service to prevent Food Fraud and effectively safeguard the Company brand, by delivering high-standard solutions in terms of consulting and testing.

Our full service ranges from the active monitoring of food frauds and alerts across the world with dedicated consulting to assess the risk, to the design of preventive measures and mitigation plans, and the delivery of customized analytical protocols to tackle adulteration.


Circle FFA


A proper risk assessment is fundamental to protect the brand and comply with the law as well as requirements from international standards such as BRC, IFS or FSCC; it gives the Company the key information to prevent possible issues and be able to manage them.

Food fraud risk assessment considers the products and/or raw materials individually, by considering a complete range of parameters such as supply chain, origin, suppliers, historical data, types and frequency of controls, product claims, etc. A proper risk assessment includes a tight monitoring over time, an efficient alert system and comprehensive analysis of all these data.

Mérieux NutriSciences supports food companies in fraud risk assessment with dedicated monitoring tool and alert system, on-site evaluation and the knowledge of the international network of experts:

  • Safety HUD: online tool to monitor and be alerted in real-time on food safety and fraud alerts from 70 official Agencies and international media in more than 50 countries. Ask for a free trial of Safety HUD!
  • Dedicated consulting
  • On-site evaluation
  • Supplier audit (supply chains audit, traceability audit, production data and mass balance evaluation)

Considering the outcomes of the risk assessment, the suitable mitigation measures to reduce the risks can be defined; this means to identify the methods to keep specific Food Fraud vulnerabilities under control: monitoring, testing, origin verification, anti-counterfeiting technologies, etc.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers specialized technical services to define specific analytical profiles, with the most relevant and cost-effective analytical methods defined for each matrix, as well as protocols involving traceability solutions to monitor the supply chain over time. Trainings is also part of our Mitigation plan range of services.

Prevention is always better than detection. However, analytical testing may be necessary to identify possible frauds and verify that mitigation measures are effective in order to keep products controlled over time.

The type and scope of analytical solutions depend on the overall risk assessment and can be targeted or non-targeted. Targeted analyses can identify known contaminants only and might not be enough in case of complex fraud issues that require a broader screening, e.g.: geographic origin, species varieties, biodiversity. In such case, non-targeted screening methods that can identify known and unknown adulterants are a suitable solution, but require expert professionals to interpret the data and statistically analyze the results.


Mérieux NutriSciences identifies the most appropriate and sustainable analytical solutions against food fraud by applying sample-based and project-based analyses with targeted and non-targeted approach according to companies’ needs.

A dedicated Food Fraud and Authenticity service to all food matrices.

Find hereafter our approach and solutions.








Dedicated expert professionals: global network of scientific experts belonging to international working groups, aware of current and emerging issues and able to customize the approach.

Long-standing expertise and experience in tackling food fraud: deep understanding of supply chain, products at risk and the most appropriate analytical solutions.

Cutting-edge technological equipment: ​​over 90,000 mof laboratories equipped with the most advanced scientific and technological tools, together with partnership with the most important international manufacturers of scientific instruments.

Food Science Center: a dedicated excellence center to deliver standard and customized analytical solutions, with both targeted and non-targeted techniques.

International presence: presence in 24 countries with around 100 accredited laboratories worldwide with the same global quality standards. 

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