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The primary task of any food product is to ensure body the energy it needs. Foods are different depending on the type of organism that assumes them (human being, food-producing animals, pets) and its phase of growth.

The global market currently offers great opportunities to export food products anywhere in the world; however, such an opportunity also hides pitfalls, commonly called “food frauds” that are more and more difficult to detect and which are a constant threat to the whole food and feed industry.

Each food company must ensure the suitability for consumption of each product according to current standards for customers’ health protection as well as the protection of its brand on national and international markets.

Mérieux NutriSciences is a partner for food companies and provides its expertise and experience in process analysis (chemical, physical and microbiological analyses of food products) and in the regulatory field, as well as the ability to provide consultancy on food safety.
Our laboratories aim at being constantly at the forefront, thus acquiring and maintaining the accreditation for all analyses that are relevant for the food industry.

The proven technical expertise of the staff enables Mérieux NutriSciences to give customers appropriate responses to the needs and difficulties they face during the manufacturing stage.
Food quality and safety is our philosophy at your service.
All our departments, from microbiology and virology and multi-residual contaminants, from allergens to bromatology to macro and micro elements department: all are constantly updated and daily committed to ensure the absolute quality of the food chain.
The staff is at your disposal to check which is the most appropriate way to transfer your samples (with special care to perishable products) from your plants to our laboratories.

All of our seats throughout the country can also directly withdraw your samples and guarantee their subsequent transfer to the relevant laboratory (within the same evening in Northern Italy and within max. 24 hours from other Regions).

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