Environmental monitoring programs typically include surface, aerial and water testing. Testing methods can either be qualitative or quantitative.

Sampling efficacy is dependent on reliable collection and handling of samples. Poor sampling techniques can lead to false low or negative results. It is therefore important that sufficient training is provided for the monitoring program to be effective.

Surface Monitoring

Surface monitoring determines the microbial population on surfaces within the manufacturing area:

  • Equipment
  • Product contact surfaces
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Drains
  • Employee hands

The monitoring program is dependent upon the industry and the products being manufactured. Techniques typically used are swabs, sponging and agar contact.

Aerial Monitoring

Aerial monitoring is usually confined to cleanrooms and other specialized work spaces. It can also be implemented to track specific risks such as molds. Active air sampling provides qualitative results that can be used for comparisons to indicate changes in the environment while settle plates and other passive techniques are useful in monitoring the microbial population that might settle on a surface or product in a given time.

Water Monitoring

We offer a full complement of tests for potable and process water. Preventive measures are designed to limit contamination, avoid development of bacteria in critical environments and monitor levels of Legionella or other specific contaminants such as Pseudomonas. Mérieux NutriSciences can help you proactively manage this risk with a water safety plan including equipment maintenance, Legionella monitoring programs and sample collection and analysis.

Our services include:

  • Aerial monitoring
    • Active air sampling – modern industry-accepted samplers
    • Passive sampling – settle plates and other devices
  • Cleanroom services
    • Audits
    • Baseline studies
  • Cleaning validation
  • Monitoring
  • On–site sampling – experienced scientists/technicians can collect your samples or conduct environmental surveys of your facility
  • Pathogen monitoring – Listeria and others
  • Surface monitoring – swabs, contact agar, sponges
  • Water testing – potable and processed water testing and cooling towers
  • Assistance in developing customized Environmental Monitoring Programs
  • Audits to codes of GMP
  • Investigation of out of specification results
  • Listeria and other pathogen control and monitoring programs
  • Staff training – targeted and specialized
  • Troubleshooting                                                   

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