How well are your suppliers performing? Are you able to assess their compliance? If you’re looking for ways to get a handle on your supplier data and monitor KPIs, we have the solution you need.

Mérieux NutriSciences’ QualMap System is an innovative data management approach that allows you to assess food supplier and product performance. You can access data, trends and view reports using QualMap’s web-based dashboard. Combine the industry experience of our data assessment team with the power of our data management tool for a comprehensive quality monitoring program. Best of all, QualMap requires no extensive IT capital investment, we will work to incorporate the data you need to drive your business.



QualMap Dashboard Capabilities

  • Data integration from external and proprietary sources
  • Visualize your conformance information and quickly understand variances
  • Role-based user access to control user and supplier data
  • Configurable Dashboard View - Our Dashboard view has the flexibility to accommodate individual customer needs and display information relevant to the user.
  • Corrective Actions - Customers can assign corrective actions based on nonconformances, trends, or as the result of an audit.  This interactive tool allows corrective actions to be initiated directly from the QualMap system, and provides tracking and alerts through the entire process, until the corrective action is closed.
  • Instant Alerts - Users can receive alerts in instances such as nonconformances exceeding threshold values or as a result of a corrective action.  The alerts empower users to have an active response when deviations occur.
  • Statistical Summary - Compare data across plants at the analysis level to monitor data trends and process capability.  The statistical summary module provides insight into product performance and promotes a proactive approach when data is trending away from target.
  • Complaint Management - At a quick glance customers can see their complaint distribution by commodity, product and complaint type, with the capability to drill into the specific details of production as necessary.
  • Audit Management     

QualMap Industry Applications

  • Reduce costs by eliminating manual data compilation and reporting
  • Mitigate risks with real time access to trends, failed results and specifications at a global level.
  • Brand protection by leveraging data into insights
  • Identify core factors of process/product conformance to increase yields and reduce costs
  • Increase quality and accuracy resulting in reduced reworked product
  • Monitor products holistically to meet customers’ specifications/expectations
  • Overcome your fragmented approach to data management
  • Leverage consolidated platform to access all of your and your supplier’s quality and safety data
  • At-a-glance, visualize opportunities to identify and increase the efficacy of your supply chain
  • All-in-one consolidated data management tool – with one login, view information regarding your specifications, complaints and supplier conformance metrics
  • Perform side-byside comparisons of suppliers
  • Utilize QualMap for private label monitoring
  • Use our platform to make sense of world of jumbled data, metrics and information from multiple sources
  • Understand at-a-glance how your products are performing