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Water Microbiological Analysis

Mérieux NutriSciences offers a range of microbiological assays for water quality analysis. Our labs carry out routine analyses of drinking water to ensure potability and manage foodborne virus risk. We also provide analyses for microbiological organisms contained in process water, either by direct analysis or filtration methods. 


Is the water safe to drink ? No matter where you are in the world, we can help you answer this question with confidence. Our labs are able to detect and quantify a full spectrum of bacteria as defined by public health and safety standards for drinking water.

Types of potable water quality tests:

  • Drinking water analysis for potability
  • Packaged or bottled natural mineral water
  • Packaged or bottled drinking water other than natural mineral water 

Foodborne virus detection

The risk of contamination associated with the presence of viruses represents an emerging problem for the food industry.  Foodborne viruses are a common cause of gastroenteritis. Food may be contaminated by infected food handlers or by contact with contaminated water.

Mérieux NutriSciences helps you prevent such outbreaks with laboratory analyses for the detection of Norovirus G1/G2 and Hepatitis A viruses in food and in water. Discover more about Foodborne Virus Detection.

Managing Legionella in the food

Legionnaires’ disease is a severe bacterial infection of the respiratory tract caused by the germ Legionella pneumophila. It thrives in warm water and is spread by inhalation of contaminated aerosols. These aerosols can be generated by high-risk facilities such as cooling towers and water systems that generate spray: showers, whirlpools, fountains and spas.

Preventive measures are designed to limit contamination, avoid development of bacteria and monitor levels of Legionella in critical environments. Mérieux NutriSciences can assist you in proactively managing this risk with a water safety plan including equipment maintenance, Legionella monitoring programs and sample collection and analysis. We also provide training and expert consulting support.

Water quality monitoring

Our experts offer their analytical skills and expertise to help you monitor water quality risk in accordance with safety and health regulatory requirements. We also provide specialized water quality analyses of wastewater and industrial effluents as part of our Water and Environment services.

  • Quality tolerances for water used in the processed food industry
  • Quality tolerances for water for swimming pools and spas
  • Reagent Grade Water – Types I-III, as defined by professional organizations such as ASTM, CAP, NCCLS, and ACS

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