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Environmental services for citizens, apartment block administrators and business operators

Environmental analysis services can affect many professionals. We are not only talking about the monitoring of emissions from large manufacturing plants or the analysis of water treated in purifying plants, but also about the correct and useful tests for small businesses, consultants, apartment block administrators or citizens that think of the dangers or, vice versa, of the healthiness of their specific situation, in the daily management of their work or life.

Among the tests that typically can also involve small companies or private citizens there are:

Mérieux NutriSciences offers a specific proposal including sampling/detection and tests. In the case of water analysis, it is possible to opt for a convenient and fast solution: the home delivery of the material to independently perform sampling, collection by courier and sending the test report to the customer. This option saves sampling costs and speeds up the analysis. It will be necessary to provide for sampling with a qualified technician, as required by the procedure only in case of requests from the Local Health Unit.

Apartment block water analysis

In the case of drinking water, the public water network operator is liable for what is provided up to the beginning of the internal network of the apartments. From this point on, the plant is their property and the responsibility for the quality of the water falls upon the administrator.

The Legislative Decree no. 31/2001 does not provide for the explicit obligation to carry out regular tests on water, but it makes the administrator liable for the supervisory responsibility, so as to make an analysis for the assessment of water quality advisable. This becomes necessary when there are alleged signs of a possible contamination, a consequence attributable to very old plants, special materials used in the supply networks, collection tanks, etc.

Contamination can be of chemical nature, but also biological: for example, the presence of pathogenic bacteria, such as Legionella, can be very dangerous.

As for other matters, the administrator is also liable for the correct maintenance of the building (for example, to avoid dangers deriving from poor maintenance of the structures). However, as for water, problems are not immediately detectable; hence, the need for a useful monitoring urgently stems to cancel possible doubts about the wholesomeness of water.

Mérieux NutriSciences supports citizens, apartment block administrators and business operators in the checks for the maintenance of the correct environmental standards and compliance with regulatory limits in the workplace and life.

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