General documents

Code of Ethics and Model 231

In compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001 regarding the administrative liability of companies and with a resolution of February 6, 2019 the Board of Directors of Chelab S.r.l. adopted the organizational and management model prepared pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in addition to the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and company and disciplinary procedures.

Besides being binding on employees and collaborators of the Company, these provisions must be observed by all the subjects who have relations with the Company for any reason, including public/private contractors, customers, suppliers, agents, sub-contractors, temporary work agencies, etc.

The provisions contained in the Organizational Model drafted pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, in the Code of Ethics and Conduct, in addition to those referred to in the reference legislation applicable to contractual relations, are an integral part of the obligations with the Company; their violation may give rise to a breach of contract that can be punished even with the termination for non-performance, without prejudice to any request for damage caused to the Company.

For reporting any wrongdoing/irregularity, all interested parties may write to the Supervisory Body, with a detailed description of the facts to the dedicated email:, or by letter addressed to the Organismo di Vigilanza di Chelab Srl, Via Fratta, 25 - 31023 Resana (TV) - Italy.


Technical supply conditions 

Documents for pharma-cosmetics services


Labels to be put on the shipping parcel for samples to be delivered to Pharma Cosmetics Business Unit:

Chain of custody

The Chain of custody is the document of utmost importance to correctly manage the information of all samples undergoing sampling, transport, testing and reporting; it assures the traceability of the details of each sample.

These are the forms to fill in:


For urgent analysis requests, the following form is available: fill it and sent it to your Customer Care contact:


Forms required for the execution of cosmetic products tests on volunteers: