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Digitally signed Test Reports

Besides the continuous updating of analytical techniques and tools, Mérieux NutriSciences searches for continuous innovation and enhancement of services. The digital signature on Test Reports ensures a significant improvement in terms of efficiency and added value.

This grants customers the following advantages:

  • Integrity: the document has not been altered since it was signed
  • The authenticity of the signature
  • Non-rejection: the author cannot deny the document he signed
  • Legal value: the digitally signed document enjoys full legal validity like a paper document with a handwritten signature
  • Immediate dispatch of the original Test Report in .pdf format by email
  • Quick delivery of “new” original Test Reports replacing those eventually lost
  • Quick re-sending of original Test Reports to replace those which might have been lost

To read the Test Report, install Adobe Reader (available for free here: Adobe).

At any time, customers accessing online services can download the digitally signed Test Reports in electronic format by accessing the Customer Portal.

The original digitally signed Test Report remains at Mérieux NutriSciences which provides the legal hold.

Customers who opt for receiving the electronic Test Report beside the .pdf file will also receive the digitally signed document with which they can check the signatures.

The signed document is a file with a particular format (p7m): it can be open with specific software able to manage the procedures for checking the signatures and making the content readable. Such software -including the Reader DigitalSign Comped (www.comped.it), is generally free.

For further details on the reading and interpretation of digitally signed files (.p7m), download the document on the check of digital signatures.

To get the information about legal references and useful information, download the document on the management of documents.

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