Information on cookies

Cookies mean all the plotters which are saved on the browser and in the computer’s hard disk while you are browsing on a site, reading an email, using a software or a mobile application (hereafter the “Cookies”).

The present Site uses different sorts of Cookies in order to provide you a better browsing experience and to give you access to all the functionalities available on the Site.

Purpose of the different Cookies

The Cookies of functionality from the Site allow you to use the basic functions of the Site, to suit your viewing preferences (language, display resolution, operating system used, etc) during the visits, and to store the information about the applications forms, or similar inquiries.

Furthermore, the performance analysis Cookies from the Site allows Data controller to develop statistics, such as traffic volume, and to use various elements from the Site.

Finally, social network Cookies are issued by third parties, through the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube tools on the Site, and which allow Data controller to have more precise data on the Site’s traffic volume and information on the social network sharing. The use of the social network Cookies by third parties is not controlled by Data controller, therefore, you are advised to consult those third parties’ Cookies policy.

Do you need to accept the Cookies?

You have no obligation to accept the Cookies, and can block the Cookies, at any time, by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse, in whole or in part, the Cookies.

In case where you choose to refuse and/or to block the Cookies from the Site, Data controller gives no guarantee or warranty of any kind, regarding your access to all the functions and/or parts or the Site, and shall not be liable for any consequences on your browsing on the Site.

Delete the Cookies

Whatever browser is used, you can manage and/or delete the Cookies, by following these recommendations according to the browser used:

To delete Cookies on Google Chrome:

  • “Settings”
  • “Show advanced settings”
  • “Content settings”
  • In the “Cookies” part of the page, you have the possibility to delete the Cookies, in whole or in part.

To delete Cookies on Mozilla Firefox:

  • “Tools”
  • “Options”
  • “Privacy”
  • In the “History” area, select “Conservation Rules” and then “Use custom settings for history”.
  • You can choose to not check the “Accept Cookies” box.

To delete Cookies on Internet Explorer:

  • “Tools”
  • “Internet Options”
  • In the tab “Privacy”, you can choose between 6 degrees of restriction of Cookies.

To delete Cookies on Safari:

  • “Preferences”
  • “Privacy”
  • You can choose “Block cookies”.

To delete Cookies in other browsers, you are advised to consult your browser documentation or online help modules.