The packaging-food match is a harmonized system for the transport, distribution, sale, storage and consumption or use of the product by the end consumer. Currently, packaging and materials in contact with food must possess well-defined characteristics and properties and are facing difficulties and problems mainly related to food safety and consumer health.

Food and technological suitability are fundamental elements, particularly for packaging in contact with food for the many functions that it encloses:

  • Proper storage
  • Food product protection
  • Product promotion and description
  • Cooking, heating, freezing (e.g. Ready-to-eat products)

Mériuex NutriSciences offers a wide range of services and related technological suitability tests on the packaging: this makes the assessment of packages possible in the light of many and difficult challenges:

  • Migration tests,
  • Physical tests and tests on the mechanical resistance to evaluate the morphological changes of the packaging,
  • Studies to evaluate volatile organic compounds that are generated in the head space during cooking,
  • Determination of power and time used to reach a suitable temperature for consumption to be put on the label,
  • Heat dispersion tests on thermal containers,
  • Sensory tests.

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