As a core development strategy, Biofortis has made science and innovation one of its top priorities

To be part of futures challenges in nutrition area and on a wider scale, in human health, but also to better serve present and future clients needs, Biofortis is constantly involved or even as a leader in collaborative R & D projects, whether national or international.

Thanks to the expertise of its scientific team and with its strong international network of scientific experts, Biofortis is at the heart of many projects, covering a wide range of thematic, relative to its activities: microbiome research and its impact on human pathologies, microbiome in industrial processes; innovative cognitive approaches in sensory analysis and consumer research…

Microbiota and cancer : A clinical research protocol to study gut microbiota of cancer patients.



The national project IMODI aims to develop new patient-derived tumor graft (PDX) models that will be used for speed up innovative therapeutic approach development. Well characterized PDX models that come from 8 types of human cancer represent a suitable tool for preclinical evaluation of novel therapeutic strategies in cancer.

It is now well established that, besides genetic features, one major host determinant in human health is the gut microbiota. These billions of microorganisms that colonize our gut contribute to human health but microbiota imbalance could be involved in cancer development.

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Biofortis has dedicated a multidisciplinary team to identify “white spaces” in sensory marketing research or client’s uncovered needs, and to conceive and validate new ways to understand consumers, their sensory perceptions, emotions, dreams, desire... and have a privileged access to their most unconscious needs and expectations.


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