An innovative research team to address the needs of consumer focused industries

Biofortis is Mérieux Nutrisciences’ global research organization serving innovation in food, nutrition, health, cosmetics and consumer goods by offering complementary, differentiating and innovative services including pre-clinical/clinical assessments, and microbiota-related research.
This approach covering clinical field allows Biofortis to occupy a specific place in the CRO sphere. Biofortis helps its customers during their product development process to better connect products to people by generating several kinds of scientific evidence:
  • Assessment of real and measured efficacy with high quality services in clinical trials including metabolic and physiological exploration  
  • Microbiota research studies to determine the impact of pharmaceuticals and other products
  • Pilot studies of new health impacts
  • Confirmatory studies in support of product launches
  • Scientific publications to assist in optimization of the marketing or product development process


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Biofortis contains a rich entrepreneurial history which is still visible in our approach to business today.  The Biofortis name comes from an entrepreneur named Murielle Cazaubiel, who opened a clinical research team in Nantes, France in 2002.  Her goal was to allow food and dietary supplement companies to realize clinical studies according to the same standards as the pharmaceutical industry.  Her team joined the company founded by a second entrepreneur, Huguette Nicod.  Huguette created Adriant in 1984, a European leader in providing sensory and consumer studies in support of manufacturers in the development of their products and in marketing strategies with several locations throughout Europe.  A third female entrepreneur, Françoise Le Vacon, PhD, brought in Atlangène Applications, a company founded in 1996 and specialized in molecular biology methods and sequencing for probiotics & prebiotics analyses for pharmaceutical and food industries.  A fourth entrepreneur, Kevin Maki, PhD, added his suburban Chicago company called Provident Clinical Research, which was founded in 2004.  His focus was on generating evidence on how foods and dietary ingredidents promote human health.  The values of these four entrepreneurs, initiative, integrity, excellence and responsibility have led these start-up companies to gather under the Biofortis name.



Biofortis is present in France and in the USA and also operates in China.

  • Close to Nantes, France

3 route de la Chatterie 44 800 SAINT HERBLAIN

  • Close to Paris, France

2, impasse de la Noisette BP 424. 91 374 VERRIERES LE BUISSON

  • Western suburbs of Chicago, USA

211 E. Lake St. Addison, IL 60101

Tel : +1.630.617.2000

  • Shanghai (Lab&Office)

Floor 6 Tower A, No.10, 1305 Huajing Road, Shanghai.
Phone: +86 (21) 6496 7600



Biofortis supports companies of all sizes and across several industry segments such as the food, dietary supplement, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, in their pursuit  of innovative products.

Biofortis combines an experienced and GCP-trained staff with a strong network of scientists and collaboration with key opinion leaders of international reputation in study fields like cardiovascular, metabolic, exercise physiology, cognitive function, satiety, weight management.

Conduct and manage clinical trials

Based on our own Clinical investigation Centers and our Central Laboratory, Biofortis offers a global and a continuous solution which enables clients to substantiate their products in order to maximize their market impact:

  • Design and management of clinical studies (pre/probiotics, gastroenterology, metabolism, food science…)
  • Database of more than 15,000 local research ready participants
  • Important network of general practitioners and hospitals based physicians, especially in metabolism, GI disorders, pediatrics, and several collaborations with private or public institutions;
  • Metabolic and physiological exploration with a internal Central Lab located in Europe with over 200 parameters in routine use;
  • NGS platform for microbiota analysis (gut, skin)
  • Data management and biostatistics.

Provide central lab services specialized in microbiome analysis and result interpretation

Innovation Lab – Next Generation Sequencing Platform

To support its offer in Clinical Research and to anticipate tomorrow’s healthcare challenges, Biofortis has set up a NGS platform to bring insights on the impact of a nutraceutical product, a functional food or a treatment on the microbiome.

Our engagement is to bring our clients powerful tools in microbiome research that can support their product development. Microbiome is part of us, and will be part of the future of healthcare with Biofortis.

Perform Sensory & Consumer Research Studies


Run Consumer Centric Clinical Studies

Biofortis offers a new hybrid service that blends sensory and consumer studies with our clinical research know-how and expertise.  Products which benefit from this approach include OTC and OTX products, medications (for pharmaceutical flavouring testing for instance) diabetic, pharmaceutical flavoring, nicotine replacement, dietary food supplements and any other product requiring more careful and ethical human testing, approved by an independent  standards board.  Our clients benefit by having more insight which leads to better communication and a promising market launch.

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