November 29th, 2021
Fragrance, a fusion of art and science.
Mérieux NutriSciences - Science Fragrance


Fragrances are much more than a simple sensory reaction. Thanks to their immense evocative properties, they imprint themselves in our mind and guide our memories, constituting a true olfactory heritage, unique and distinctive for each person.
Fragrances change our mood, relieving stress, instilling serenity, and arousing our energies and surprising. They can convey a sense of self, family and place, helping us to give our homes a sense of uniqueness, for ourselves and for other.

Fragrances, elements of culture and history.
From the Ancient Egypt, Persia, Greece and the Roman Empire, and up to the modern days, scents have different and unique meanings, as part of a ceremony, expression of status, demonstration of cleanliness, or a statement of the imagination. Even in a globalized world, scents could maintain specific meanings and ritual expressions.

Fragrances in 2021, the Industry.
Every year, between 60,000 and 80,000 exclusive and confidential fragrance formulas are created, true industrial secrets composed of between 50 and 250 ingredients, chosen from an inventory of around 3,000 essential oils, natural substances and complex molecules.
The perfume supply chain starts from conception and creation and then moves on to consumer testing, branding, marketing and communication, distribution and retail.
Our in-depth knowledge of raw materials and fragrances allows us to intercept and satisfy the needs of the market.

The Evaluator of fragrance, the perfumer’s “advisor”.
The Sensory Department of Mérieux NutriSciences continues its investments in the personal care branch, and expands its team with a specialised Evaluator of fragrances. The Evaluator accompanies creators along each step of the project, from understanding the customer’s brief to the final creation, through:

  • The management of the collections and the gathering of knowledge of raw materials, ingredients, olfactory families specific to odour;
  • The management of projects: understand the customer’s brief;
  • The understanding of the brand’s portfolio (heritage, values, products, etc.) and all cosmetic and perfume specific markets;
  • Aid in improving products;
  • Evaluation of new creations and products already on the market by smelling and describing the products;
  • The organization of sensory evaluation testing of consumer products;
  • The analysis of trends.

The Evaluator of fragrance, which kind of products?
The Evaluator of fragrances can analyse, quantify and identify the fragrances of different products as perfumes and deodorants for personal care, air fresheners and scented candles.

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