Mérieux NutriSciences - packaging on Dietary and Food Supplements
July 22nd, 2020
Dietary & Food Supplements: packaging safety and compliance

The compliance verification of dietary and food supplement packaging is crucial to assure end users with the highest safety standards available. The packaging can release chemicals in the dietary and food supplement product that can not only impair its effectiveness, but also be harmful to the consumer. 

Our packaging labs have a deep experience in proposing the most suitable testing strategy for the needs and proposing various solutions according to the specific project:

  • Packaging safety and compliance. Materials compliance and safety studies are used to test packaging used in contact with food. They are used to verify packaging supplies characteristics to avoid unexpected and unwanted levels of contaminants migration to the product.
  • Extractables & leachables studies. Extractables and Leachables studies provide a full-integrated testing strategy together with toxicological assessment and risk analysis, developed in 6 main steps.
  • Sustainable packaging. Biodegradability, compostability tests, safety test on recycled materials and barrier effect, suitability tests on re-usable packaging are the first step to enlarge the offer with products with a lower environmental impact.

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