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September 13th, 2018
BeautyTIPs - The Skin care edition - The Exposome influence on the skin

Discover how we can protect our skin from the environmental damages….with cosmetics and more!

The term "exposome" describes the totality of exposures to which an individual is subjected from conception to death. It includes both external and internal factors as well as the human body's response to these factors.

Skin is a barrier organ between the outside world and the inside of our bodies and it is the first target subjected to lifelong exposure to a large variety of environmental factors.

Air pollution and tobacco smoke

  • Anti-pollution effects
  • Skin depigmenting efficacy

Solar radiations and blue light from technological devices

  • UV radiations
  • IR radiations
  • HEV radiations

Use of cosmetics

Health must not be jeopardized by beauty.

Skin microbiome

The importance of skin microbiota for the skin health and integrity.


Less time and more stress is marked on face.

Not only the use of cosmetic products to protect our skin, but also small precautions of the home and office air quality to feel better and look more beautiful.


Mérieux NutriSciences - BeautyTips - Exposome


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