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Absorption and efficacy studies by in vitro models

Absorption and efficacy studies by in vitro models

In vitro models mimic the different biological barriers and target organs by which it is possible to evaluate absorption and efficacy of formulations. Absorption studies permit the performing of several screening tests to preliminarily evaluate products, ingredients or formulations before proceeding with the next steps evaluation. In vitro target organs permit to define mechanisms of actions and then efficacy of products, ingredients or formulations.

In vitro models are less expensive, faster, and offer better controls of experimental variables than human or animal studies, so they can be easily exploited as screening, ranking, or categorizing tools.

The 3Rs:

  1. Reduce time
  2. Reduce cost
  3. Reduces the % of clinical trial failure

What kind of studies?

Bioaccessibility: Fraction of active substance released by the product during gastrointestinal digestion and available for absorption.
Bioavailability: Fraction of active substance absorbed by the body and able to reach the blood circulation.
Efficacy: Ability of an active substance to perform its function on a biological tissue.
Safety: Formulations and/or active ingredients must not have adverse effects on biological tissues.

Our capabilities

Mérieux NutriSciences can support all your projects with a wide range of in vitro models.

  • In vitro oral model: oral and sublingual absorption
  • In vitro digestive model: bioaccessibility
  • In vitro intestinal absorption model: bioavailability
  • In vitro model: skin model for absorption & efficacy studies
  • In vitro model: gut model
  • In vitro model: hepatic model
  • In vitro model: brain model
  • In vitro model: prostate model
  • In vitro model: heart and blood vessel models

What kind of market?

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Dietary supplements
  • Novel foods
  • Fortified foods
  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetics




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