Mérieux NutriSciences’ experts will work with you to develop your winning food-safety training strategy. Our proven tools combine up-to-date scientific and regulatory information with interactive learning techniques to ensure the quality and safety of your products. We offer an extensive range of food safety training courses aimed at all levels of food industry employees.

Mérieux NutriSciences has earned a reputation as a leading training service provider by ensuring that course presenters are all technically qualified specialists with vast practical industry experience, and by offering courses and seminars on topics in keeping with international trends.

Our interactive courses include group discussion, case studies and role-play where applicable. Depending on course level (from floor-worker to management level), it may also include post-course assignments, written examinations or onsite assessments. Developed by food science experts with years of in-plant experience, our instructors use their years of in-plant experience to bring clarity and practicality to industry’s most relevant topics and challenges in an interactive approach to training.


Annual calendar of courses, seminars and online course for  2018 

Annual calendar of  webinars for 2018 



Cursos, cursos online y seminarios


Natalia Serrano (natalia.serrano@mxns.com)
Tel. 93 263 24 54

Management and planning:

Natalia Serrano (natalia.serrano@mxns.com)

Don't hesitate to contact us to propose new content, locations, etc.

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2 y 3 - Análisis sensorial: fundamentos y herramientas básicas (12 horas lectivas) | Madrid
      3 - Gestión de alérgenos (6 horas lectivas) | Madrid
    18 - Food Defense (7 horas lectivas) | Barcelona


    6 y 7 - Análisis sensorial: fundamentos y herramientas básicas (12 horas lectivas) | Barcelona
          8 - Formadores internos de manipuladores de alimentos (6 horas lectivas) | Barcelona
        13 - Gestión de alérgenos (6 horas lectivas) | Barcelona
        14 - Etiquetado de complementos alimenticios (7 horas lectivas) | Barcelona
21 y 22 - Auditores internos de calidad y seguridad alimentaria (14 horas lectivas) | Barcelona
        27 - Limpieza y desinfección de equipos e instalaciones (6 horas lectivas) | Madrid
        29 - Etiquetado alimentario (7 horas lectivas) | Barcelona


16, 23 y 30 octubre - Gestión del fraude alimentario  (16 a 17 h)
19 octubre - Sensory caps: cápsula 1. Cómo diseñar una prueba de consumidores para mejorar mi producto (1,5 horas lectivas)
26 octubre - Sensory caps: cápsula 2. Interpretación estadística para no estadísticos (1,5 horas lectivas)


15 noviembre - Peligros alimentarios emergentes (Acrilamida, furanos, MOSH, MOAH, metabolitos de microorganismos,...) (3,5 horas lectivas) | Valladolid

22 noviembre - Peligros alimentarios emergentes (Acrilamida, furanos, MOSH, MOAH, metabolitos de microorganismos,...) (3,5 horas lectivas) | Valencia

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