November 12th, 2020
World Quality Day testimonials !


Quality is at the heart of our business!

Check out the testimonials of our employees.



Quality for me, as Human Resources, is really considering that people come first and that they are committed to doing the right things from the first time.  Bringing together employees committed to efficient and safe processes, professionals with high capacity, and technical expertise.  Ensuring a great work environment, where all employees are properly trained and working, day by day, engaged in our mission to guarantee the health of consumers through safer food and products. This reflects a lot the meaning of Quality at Mérieux NutriSciences.



Quality in Mérieux NutriSciences means to me a pursuit of perfection. To always try to deliver as much as we can, to improve and be the best version of ourselves. To constantly evolve to meet the latest regulatory and government norms. Always focussed on all aspects of the processes, precisely checking them, and making sure to adhere to all the necessary requirements.



When we accept work from our customers, we make a promise and we commit to deliver quality. We make this commitment because we care. We care about consumers, our customers, our company, our co-workers. For us, quality is in daily operations. It is not just a certificate on a wall, separated from what happens every day at the lab bench, at the customers’ facility, on the phone to customers.  The strength of our quality system lies in not only the specific requirements and rules, extending beyond just what we do in the laboratory to control quality and identify & make improvements - making it comprehensive, strong and robust; but also in the absolute commitment to quality made by each employee at every level.  Quality at MXNS is highly valued and respected and is what our customers are assured of whenever they trust us with their samples.



When talking about Quality, we must bear in mind that for Mérieux NutriSciences, we put the health and well-being of consumers first. Therefore, quality is the essence of our business, a fundamental pillar for our sustainability. We must strive, day by day, to provide our clients with the same and better analytical services in all our laboratories, verifying the quality of the products, so that our clients can make decisions and prevent health hazards and provide them with adequate food safety.  Quality comprises each and every one of the aspects of the organization, because it involves and commits each and every one of the people in the organization.  Quality is not just a standard or regulation, a paper, a procedure or a quality management system, it is a philosophy of life that must be in our DNA present in every activity, time and place.



When I first joined Mérieux NutriSciences, I realized Quality is a building block of our DNA. This is our way of working and our way of doing business. I like, in particular, the holistic view we have of Quality all along the food value chain. Ensuring the safety of consumers while helping our customers’ industrial performance, supporting the development of nutritious foods, better understanding consumer behaviour and preferences to optimize the satisfaction consumers experience in eating food, these are as many options we offer our customers thanks to the MxNs global quality system.



Testing services provide accurate data to prove that our customers' products are safe, reliable, or nutritious. The accuracy of laboratory data is very important to our customers, ensuring the accuracy of laboratory data is a prerequisite for our success.  Quality is a necessary means for us to control the accuracy of data. Our Quality Assurance determines the quality and reputation of our customers' products; this is why at MXNS we focus on quality.



To me, quality is not only a goal to strive for, or a set of standards to meet, but it is a mindset. I am proud to work for Mérieux NutriSciences for many reasons, one being that I know sound science and top-notch quality backs each and every test result. In R&D, when we develop new tests or methods, we generate the necessary data and information to understand test performance. My team and I strive to deliver high-quality work product in our day to day. I see this quality mindset in other groups and teams as R&D works with them to bring new solutions to our customers.