October 24th, 2019
2019 John H. Silliker Awards

As each year, Mérieux NutriSciences has been hosting the John H. Silliker Awards ceremony, an internal award event.


The John H. Silliker Awards are delivered every year to reward the teams demonstrating the best and live examples of our company values (Integrity, Accountability, Excellence and Initiative) and most significant achievements. An additional award has been also delivered, embedding our mindset and priority for Customer centricity.

  • Integrity:  The Award for Integrity has been given to North American IT infrastructure support
  • Excellence: The Award for Excellence is given to Spain for the Food Science Center
  • Accountability:  The Award for Accountability is given to Mexico for the new Lab inMexico City
  • Initiative: The Initiative Award has been given to Digital Solutions for the development of EnviroMap
  • Customer Excellence award: The Customer Excellence Award has been given to Brazilian Ambiental Operation Team

On top of these five awards is the John H. Silliker Award, embracing the complete set of values and culture. This year, the John H. Silliker Award has been given to China.

Exceptionally this year, based on the topic of the Worldwide Management Meeting, a special award “Our People first” was delivered embracing our ambition to create the right context for people engagement and collective efficiency. This Award has been given to the Netherlands.

Many thanks and congratulations to all!