Today’s customers are serious about food safety and quality. Mérieux NutriSciences proven and reliable food safety laboratory network provides the confidence that clients demand to protect their brand image. When you consider all the potential risks, customers want no surprises, no mistakes.

Protect your brand with confidence, partner with Mérieux NutriSciences …!

What makes us different in the market in Quality?

Global Quality SOPs
  • Worldwide, integrated Quality Management System
    - Mérieux NutriSciences Quality Management System goes beyond ISO 17025
    - Our system integrates food quality system globally and facilitates compliance
    - Robust and unique quality management approach


Corporate Quality Validation
  • Global Mérieux NutriSciences requirements prescribe a consistent approach

- A new method is implemented only after full validation and verification with corporate quality oversight
- We validate the method to ensure it is accurate as well as appropriate for the concerned matrix
- Methods are verified at each lab to ensure the lab has the ability to reach the defined test requirements such as sensitivity.   


Proficiency Programs
  • External and Internal Proficiency Programs
    - AOAC, FAPAS, Beta Matrix, USDA, AACC, AOCS, LGC, local ProficiencyPrograms... and  Mérieux NutriSciences’ internal proficiency testings are compulsory and global
    - The same internal proficiency testing samples and control samples are tested at each lab across the entire network
    - All proficiency testing and control sample data are overseen by Corporate 
    - All labs must perform at least 97% acceptance (less than 3 std deviations)
    - Specific client programs are carried out
Quality Assurance
  •  20% of all chemical testing & 10% of all micro testing devoted to Quality Assurance programs
    - Daily control samples are used as indicator of method accuracy and precision
    - Daily qualitative control samples are used as indicator analytical process control (monitoring risk cross contamination)
    - Genetically marked positive controls used for daily pathogen control samples enable the lab to tell quickly if the positive result is from our control sample
    - Daily environmental control for microbiology lab


Quality Oversights
  •  Multiple levels of oversight, analysis and review
     - Annual Corporate Quality Audits are performed for all Mérieux NutriSciences labs globally leading to grades classification
    - We implement internal benchmarking between labs in our network



What is the advantage for our customers?

  • Reliable and consistent results based on the same methods all over the world

  • Equal interpretation of results between all labs within the Mérieux NutriSciences group

  • Acceptance of results when exporting worldwide

  • Unsurpassed integrity and reliability provides confidence and “peace of mind”

  • Full sample-to-results traceability

  • “Gold Standard” reputation throughout food industry, globally


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