A strategy centered on innovation

Following in the footsteps of the Mérieux family and Dr. Silliker, we put consumer health and well-being at the heart of our activities. Accordingly, we strive to provide the best services to our clients to help them ensure food safety and quality of their products, and prevent health hazards. 

Merieux family

Alexandre Mérieux & Philippe Sans

Today, as new food and water-related risks continue to emerge, and at a time when the relationships between infectious diseases, cancer and nutrition are more numerous and better understood, food safety and nutrition have become public health priorities for many countries and a major challenge for manufacturers.
Mérieux NutriSciences was created to extend the expertise of Institut Mérieux and support its mission of protecting consumer health. Alongside our customers, our aim is to prevent health risks connected with food and, more broadly, with the use of everyday products. 

Alexandre Mérieux, Chairman of Mérieux NutriSciences

Philippe Sans, President & CEO of Mérieux NutriSciences



The food testing industry is developing fast. We help to manage the associated changes through innovation and by adapting our business model to the evolving needs of customers and consumers. 

Food testing

Use of advanced technologies

Our laboratories are all accredited and endowed with the latest equipment. We continuously invest in the most advanced instruments that are able to anticipate and respond to emerging needs, such as lower detection limits, multiplexing, non-targeted screening and whole genome sequencing. Our scientists are experts in mass spectrometry, next-generation sequencing, biostatistics and other cutting-edge technologies.  In particular, the development of sophisticated multi-disciplinary analytical toolboxes will benefit our clients in their endeavors to provide safe food. For instance, we have recently developed methods to verify the authenticity of products presenting a high risk of adulteration. To this end, we combined technologies originally used in pharmaceutical analysis, food chemistry and molecular biology to provide an unrivaled and comprehensive solution that is both sensitive and robust.

 Continuous investment in innovation 

  • We are continuously investing in our infrastructure and designing innovative laboratory solutions so as to ensure optimal performance and adapt to our customers’ needs.
  • We work closely with instrument manufacturers to complement the use of testing technologies in the production process.
  • We develop new methods to respond to specific customer requests in various fields, such as food authenticity. Our research and development teams are internationally renowned for their expertise in improving existing methods and developing new methods to better serve the food industry, as well as the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, agrochemical, environment and consumer goods sectors.
  • We also invest in digital and data management solutions so as to offer comprehensive solutions for food safety and quality management (e.g. EnviroMap and QualMap).

 International development

Mérieux NutriSciences has an ambitious international development strategy. More than 20 companies have joined the group since 2007. Over the last decade, the company has expanded significantly in countries with fast-growing economies, and has also reinforced its position in North America and Europe so as to increase its presence and supplement its expertise. As a result of this strategy, Mérieux NutriSciences is now present on all continents and able to serve customers on a worldwide basis. 

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  • A presence in 26 countries
  • More than 100 accredited laboratories worldwide
  • More than 7,500 people


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