In a more and more globalized and competitive business environment, with increasing and fast changing regulations, food industry players struggle to protect their brands and guarantee globally a consistent level of food safety and quality. 

Fast turnaround time, traceability through the whole supply chain and data management are becoming must haves, going beyond traditional testing. In other words, our customers move from a detection model to prevention, requiring us to help them anticipate tomorrow’s new challenges.

Our first digital solutions have already been developed:



MyMXNS is our web and mobile client interface platform. Secured and interactive this tool provides you real-time access to test results and audits. It is currently available in North America and Australia and is set to be rolled out in Europe, followed by the rest of the world.



EnviroMap is a comprehensive solution to manage your environmental monitoring program. This software is a secure cloud-based system that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program and assist with the entire sampling life cycle. It is already available in North America and Europe.






QualMap is a next-generation food safety and quality monitoring platform. By helping to identify any arising issue and making associated critical decisions, QualMap is a unique and proactive software application to better manage food businesses.

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