The Digital Revolution

Digital revolution and big data give everyone access to a wealth of information hence the emergence of new consumer activists with high expectations. They want their products to be qualitative, they expect information transparency and the right to master their food. This radical change in the relationship between consumers and our industry encourages Mérieux NutriSciences to take up the digital challenge and become your reference partner for Digital Solutions. 



     - Fast evolution of consumer requirements driving new regulatory and compliance rules
     - Real-time access to both positive and negative information through new communication channels, like social networks
     - Strong brand exposure and thus increased vulnerability 
     - Profoundly changing and reshaping our businesses 

A powerful leverage for action

The globalization of markets and the increased complexity of agribusiness chains represent a powerful leverage for action as manufacturing facilities are located in many countries, using raw materials from other regions and quality execution is more and more difficult to manage.


 Today, risk management strategies are focused on multiple parameters and decision making are based on piloting the performance of all stakeholders. 

Interpreting and Giving Meaning to Data

Putting in perspective and interpreting heterogeneous data from various sources allows companies :

  • to increase its economic and industrial efficiency
  • to improve the end consumer's health,
  • to prevent upstream quality issues, risks of contamination, ensure traceability
  • to optimize the industrial tools performance and profitability
  • to protect the company's brand and reputation over the long-term

The essential prerequisite:

  • Collecting and organizing data intelligently,
  • Interpreting it according to the specific needs/constraints of each player in the food supply chain 

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Mérieux NutriSciences is an experienced, scientific and global partner helping you meet your food safety and quality challenges. 

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