To ensure that your products meet quality standards when stored under proper conditions, a safety and stability assessment is required. Mérieux NutriSciences provides a full complement of customizable analytical methods in order to respond to customer requirements on a case-by-case basis. 

Cosmetic and personal care products are made using a wide variety of materials and formulations, making it impossible to establish a standard protocol applicable to all. Regulators recommend that stability tests be adapted according to the type of product and intended use, including reasonably foreseeable storage conditions.

Our stability assessments cover the following parameters and are based on international guidelines:

  • Organoleptic and sensory properties: appearance, color, odor and flavor, as applicable
  • Physical-chemical properties: pH value, viscosity, density and, if necessary, ingredient formulation
  • Microbiological properties: microbial count and preservation challenge test
  • Monitoring of active substances: UV filters, antioxidants, antimicrobial agents, etc.
  • Screening of aromatic substances to determinate qualitative and quantitative fragrance alteration

Accelerated stability, also known as normal or exploratory stability, can help to predict a product’s stability and useful shelf life, as well as the compatibility of the formulation with the materials with which it will enter into contact (link to Cosmetic packaging).

Other specific storage conditions that can be applied are:

  • Period after opening (PAO): simulation of useful lifespan
  • Thermal shock, with protocols that provide alternate cycles at different temperatures
  • Light stability (Xenon test) of finished products
  • Photostability of chemical UV filters


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Stability and Period After Opening (PAO)
Stability and Period After Opening (PAO)
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OTC Cosmetics