Company name: Wayne Farms
Industry: Leading Poultry Producer
Service used: EnviroMap.



As one of the largest poultry producers in the U.S., Wayne Farms has held a significant role in the industry for over 40 years, continuing to evolve and expand with new ventures and business partners.
Known for selling fresh, frozen, boneless, and fully cooked poultry to retail and food service customers worldwide, Wayne Farms has developed a vertically integrated approach, controlling quality at every step to ensure the best care from the farm to the nal product.

Headquartered in Oakwood, Georgia with close to 9,000 employees, Wayne Farms takes pride in their commitment to upholding the highest standards in poultry quality and innovation.
They work daily to bring together products that bring together families—close to home and around the world.

The need for a customised program

As an industry-leading poultry producer, Wayne Farms swabs samples daily to make sure the machinery, environment and facility are not testing hot for Listeria. However, the sampling process is time consuming and labor intensive, requiring hours of manual steps.

Wayne Farms streamlined their environmental monitoring program. They reached out to their customer care representative for more details. “The implementation took a little longer than we had expected - but that’s because we had asked for and [the EnviroMap team] built a solution that was catered to our process, our equipment and our facility,” says Fisher.

Configuration is one of the key features of Mérieux NutriSciences’ EnviroMap software. The new, innovative solution ensures a company’s environmental monitoring program is being followed as prescribed. EnviroMap clients, like Wayne Farms, utilize the tool to schedule activities, manage activities, mitigate out of-limit results, and generate the necessary reports for daily, weekly, monthly, and customer driven activity. In the past, finished product testing was standard to ensure the product was safe for human consumption.

However, if you were to discover you have a contamination issue at the end of your production chain, you have no idea where that problem originated. 

Environmental monitoring allows you to sample the entire facility and compile data on which areas previously had issues. EnviroMap takes this methodology a step further by allowing you to plot your results on your detailed facility infrastructure, a plant layout image, and enables you to create a visual representation of your sampling/results for a myriad of tests over any given time period.



Turning action into results

“Now that we are fully integrated and have been using EnviroMap for a few years for our Listeria sampling, we are really seeing the value of the tool. The biggest improvement is the reduction in our recall risk”, Fisher claims. “But besides that, the built-in scheduling components and the ability to print the SARFs and locations to sample has allowed us to streamline and standardize our process. We’ve signicantly reduced the chance for human error in our environmental monitoring program.”



Fisher also states that, in her new role, she has had a great experience and relationship working with the EnviroMap team. “The service has been outstanding. They always approach every situation as a two-sided conversation, going above and beyond to meet our needs.”

The benefits of EnviroMap really allowed the team at Wayne Farms to more effectively monitor for Listeria to help them reach their overall mission of ensuring the best care from the farm to the final product. When asked if she would recommend EnviroMap to a colleague in the industry, Fisher didn’t hesitate; “We would highly recommend the EnviroMap team and the solution to anyone in the industry as a great resource - and we have! Not just because of the technology, but of the people and the level of service they provide.”

Fisher summarizes by saying, “By far the top reason to have this program is that it allows you to visualize the data so quickly. If a piece of equipment is popping hot, we can now see that and take action. The interactive map with the color options has also been very beneficial for us because it shows us the areas of our plant that need to be prioritized or addressed first. We can identify trends that we would have never seen before.”

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