An innovative research team to address the needs of consumer focused industries.

Biofortis services are not provided in Australia.

Biofortis is Mérieux Nutrisciences’ global research organization serving innovation in food, nutrition, health, cosmetics and consumer goods by offering complementary, differentiating and innovative services including pre-clinical and clinical assessments, microbiota-related research, sensory evaluation and consumer studies.

This approach covering clinical and sensory & consumer fields allows Biofortis to occupy a specific place in the CRO sphere. Biofortis helps its customers during their product development process to better connect products to people by generating several kinds of scientific evidence:

  • Assessment of real and measured efficacy with high quality services in clinical trials including metabolic and physiological exploration
  • Assessment using the 4P approach, Performance, Pleasure, Perception and Personalization, by the consumer via sensory & consumer evaluations.    
  • Microbiota research studies to determine the impact of pharmaceuticals and other products
  • Pilot studies of new health impacts 
  • Confirmatory studies in support of product launches

Scientific publications to assist in optimization of the marketing or product development process


You can also contact our Biofortis experts: biofortis-contact@mxns.com