January 5th, 2017
QualMap 2.0 is now available in North America!

We are pleased to announce today the launch of QualMap for our North American clients.



Integrated in Mérieux NutriSciences’ Digital Solutions Business Unit, QualMap 2.0 (formerly known as TQIM) is a next-generation, food safety and quality monitoring platform.

By helping to identify any arising issue and making associated critical decisions, QualMap is a unique and proactive software application to better manage food businesses.

Features include :

  • Monitor food safety and quality system execution through a standard dashboard across the production network of our customers         

  • Give real-time access to production and supply food safety / quality data

  • Provide a configurable and comprehensive view of all testing data (incl.microbiology and analytical chemistry tests), highly specialized analyses (e.g; histograms, conformance reporting, data distributions), standards compliance and audits

  • Homogenize data sources into a unique system, accessible both at plant and corporate level

Learn more about QualMap by watching this video and contact us if you are interested in testing this solution.

QualMap (English)  / QualMap (French)

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