March 14th, 2018
BLUE PAPER – The second edition 2018 is available !

With the very positive feedback we received from food industry and the scientific community, and given the high food safety actuality in 2017, it became obvious that we had to prepare the second edition of our Blue Paper on ‘European Food Safety trends, Key issues & Perspectives’.

It’s all done! We are happy to announce the launch of the second edition of our Blue Paper, both in paper and online formats, at the price of €189 (~ AUD300).

With an update of data from the previous edition and new focus on several contaminants and food matrices, the Blue Paper becomes a reference book for any food operator. Among the new topics addressed: antibiotic resistancenanoparticlesendocrine disruptorsmycotoxins and plant toxinsfoodborne virusesSalmonella.

Click here to request the Blue Paper.