This secure cloud-based system is transforming environmental monitoring across the food industry, providing users effortless systematic tracking and traceability. EnviroMap® assists with the entire sampling life cycle, from scheduling all the way to historical data analysis.


Mérieux NutriSciences - Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program with EnviroMap

Want to take your environmental monitoring program to the next level? Implement EnviroMap at your facilities to schedule, map and track your microbiological environmental sampling procedures. This cloud-based system is designed to support numerous sampling schedules across multiple facilities, providing effortless systematic tracking and traceability

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Set up recurring, on demand, and / or mitigation collections in the system. All collections are color coded based on progression through the sampling process. Print barcodes, submit samples, and review results all from user specific, customizable dashboard.

Various levels of real time notification are available for Tests, Tasks and Results based on predetermined parameters defined by the customer.

Once a positive or out-of-limit result has been confirmed, mitigation collections will automatically appear on the calendar. Analysts can begin the resampling process based on parameters outlined by your organization. A parent-child relationship will exist between the original out-of-spec site and subsequent mitigations illustrating track and traceability. 

EnviroMap® allows for the seamless integration with Mérieux NutriSciences’ LIMS and myMXNS. The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform provides a bi-directional interface between EnviroMap® and LIMS. EnviroMap® automatically propagates the required fields in LIMS and results are exported back to EnviroMap® providing complete traceability and historical analysis. 

Flexible and easy to use reporting tools to present, analyze, and share results. Numerous reporting options including Grids, Maps, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line Graphs, and Summary Reports.

Elevate Your Environmental Monitoring Program with EnviroMap