Biofortis supports companies of all sizes and across several industry segments such as the food, dietary supplement, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, in their pursuit of innovative products.

Biofortis combines an experienced and GCP-trained staff with a strong network of scientists and collaboration with key opinion leaders of international reputation in study fields like cardiovascular, metabolic, exercise physiology, cognitive function, satiety, weight management, and sensory research

Our studies and research are not only being conducted in our own centers in North America and Europe, but also in an establiclinished network of partners (public & private) in other regions. 



Conduct and manage clinical trials

Based on our own Clinical investigation Centers and our Central Laboratory, Biofortis offers a global and a continuous solution which enables clients to substantiate their products in order to maximize their market impact:

  • Design and management of clinical studies (pre/probiotics, gastroenterology, metabolism, food science…)
  • Database of more than 15,000 local research ready participants
  • Important network of general practitioners and hospitals based physicians, especially in metabolism, GI disorders, pediatrics, and several collaborations with private or public institutions;
  • Metabolic and physiological exploration with a internal Central Lab located in Europe with over 200 parameters in routine use;
  • NGS platform for microbiota analysis (gut, skin)
  • Data management and biostatistics.


Provide central lab services specialized in microbiome analysis and result interpretation

Innovation Lab – Next Generation Sequencing Platform

To support its offer in Clinical Research and to anticipate tomorrow’s healthcare challenges, Biofortis has set up a NGS platform to bring insights on the impact of a nutraceutical product, a functional food or a treatment on the microbiome.

Our engagement is to bring our clients powerful tools in microbiome research that can support their product development. Microbiome is part of us, and will be part of the future of healthcare with Biofortis.


Perform Sensory & Consumer Research Studies

Biofortis expert sensory team is continuously developing new methods and approaches with the permanent motive of putting the consumer at the heart of its innovation. Thanks to these innovative solutions and our trained sensory experts, we decode the consumer product experience in precise and clear messages for product development and marketing teams.

In order to better understand the consumer, its perception, its choices, in a predictive manner, Biofortis provides specific tools to explore the “real life “ product experience, while going beyond traditional liking measures. These tools allow us to decipher emotional and psychological underlying the consumer decision process.

Manufacturers are then able to make the right decisions, maximizing the link between the developed product and its marketing mix.


Run Consumer Studies on Health Product

Biofortis offers a new service that blends sensory and consumer studies with our clinical research know-how and expertise.  Products which benefit from this approach include OTC, diabetic, pharmaceutical flavoring, nicotine replacement, dietary supplements and any other product requiring more careful and ethical human testing, approved by an independent  standards board.  Our clients benefit by having more insight which leads to better communication and a promising market launch.


Biofortis services are not provided in Australia. To learn more about our Biofortis Innovation Services contact our experts:

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June 10th, 2020
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