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"Their services are excellent, their reporting is excellent. I would recommend them without a problem, that’s a given." "EnviroMap is a great tool...if you’re not using it, I honestly don’t know why. I am really impressed how user-friendly the system has ended up being." "We are really seeing the value of the tool. The biggest improvement is the reduction in our recall risk."
Pet Food Manufacturer Fresh Producer Poultry Producer
Uses MXNS for routine testing and research projects Uses MXNS for EnviroMap Uses MXNS for EnviroMap

What customers say


"Enviromap is a wonderful system that makes planning and tracking of any microbiological swabbing program simple and easy. It is a very versatile system that can be tailored to suit your needs. The system is designed for easy use by making the interface as user friendly as possible. Would highly be recommended this system" - Kellogg's Australia


"Keep doing what you do! Excellent laboratory services!" - Food manufacturer in the 2018 Customer Annual Survey

"You are awesome! Thank you so much for the help! Wish everyone was as helpful as you." - Food manufacturer in the 2018 Customer Annual Survey

"The microbiological services are well above the industry norm in service provision. The account managers and laboratory technical staff are very responsive and flexible in their approach to meet the needs of a business." - Food manufacturer

"Customer Service is excellent always a pleasure to deal with the team." - Government

June 14th, 2019
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