Consumers around the world increasingly check the label for nutritional information before deciding to purchase a food product. Nutritional labeling is designed to provide a system for conveying information about the nutrient content of food in a standardized format. In many countries nutritional labeling is subject to different regulatory requirements.

Once the nutritional content and other key aspects of your product have been confirmed by appropriate laboratory analyses, we can support you in the creation and review of your nutrition facts table. 
Mérieux NutriSciences offers comprehensive nutritional labeling services to ensure that your product label is fully compliant with regulations in the country where it will be marketed. Our experts are well-versed in national and international labeling standards. 
We create the compliant nutrition facts table from scratch, including the c alculation of the values on the basis of lab analysis data, according to the rules set by the law of the destination country. We also provide the table format, containing the wordings in the language of the target country.
Does your product need to be tested? Mérieux NutriSciences offers a wide range of nutritional analysis to assist food manufacturers, restaurants caterers and retailers worldwide.

The service is provided for:
-    ordinary food
-    particular food
-    petfood

The service is addressed to:
-    industries 
-    retailers
-    hotel, restaurants, cafés
Looking for another type of service? Ask about our complete portfolio of nutritional analyses and labeling services.

August 1st, 2019
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As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and service, we will be undergoing renovations of our Perth laboratory during the month of August and will be scheduled for completion a...
July 11th, 2019
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We have recently acquired the Italian company EcamRicert and expanded our capabilities in environmental analyses and nanotechnologies.