EnviroMap is a comprehensive solution to manage your environmental monitoring program. This software is a secure cloud-based system that allows you to automate your environmental monitoring program and assist with the entire sampling life cycle.

Take a look at our case study below.

Now that Pacific has internalized their program, they no longer need to have a lab come to the plant and pull samples. They have found, with the implementation of this new, automated platform, they are able to save money and time, remove barriers and trend and track all their data to make the company more efficient. “EnviroMap is a great tool...if you’re not using it, I honestly don’t know why. Our ATP swabbing pre-and post-sanitation and listeria tracking are all integrated within the platform. Additionally, we’ve been put in a situation where, if the FDA stops by, we can just turn our computer screens around and show them our EnviroMap dashboard - as it does exactly what the FDA listeria requirement for documentation mandates for compliance,” Sharan Lanini, Pacific’s Director of Food Safety reports.


Now that we are fully integrated and have been using EnviroMap for a few years for our Listeria sampling, we are really seeing the value of the tool. The biggest improvement is the reduction in our recall risk,” Kimberly Fisher, Wayne Farms' Corporate Food Safety Manager claims. “But besides that, the built-in scheduling components and the ability to print the SARFs and locations to sample has allowed us to streamline and standardize our process. We’ve signicantly reduced the chance for human error in our environmental monitoring program.


August 1st, 2019
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As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and service, we will be undergoing renovations of our Perth laboratory during the month of August and will be scheduled for completion a...
July 11th, 2019
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We have recently acquired the Italian company EcamRicert and expanded our capabilities in environmental analyses and nanotechnologies.