Company name: AMG Food
Industry: Frozen Food Import
Service used: EnviroMap.



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AMG Foods needed an expert to perform their nutritional panels for their range of fermented foods. 

Their company is a loyal, long-time client who needed testing for the construction of their products to ensure their probiotics did not include any pathogens.


I would recommend Mérieux NutriSciences to anyone who is requiring any lab testing done. The experience I’ve had over many years has been great. 

Everyone is very helpful and courteous. The work is high quality, and experienced. We really rely on them.

-Tracey, AMG Foods



Mérieux NutriSciences were able to meet the compliance requirements AMG Foods needed to test their nutritional panels, with samples being picked up same day and a fast turnaround time achieved for results. 


We have trust in Mérieux NutriSciences and we know the results provided are true and correct. We don’t need to go anywhere else for that. 





August 1st, 2019
Company News , Local News
As part of our continued commitment to enhance our property and service, we will be undergoing renovations of our Perth laboratory during the month of August and will be scheduled for completion a...
July 11th, 2019
Acquisitions , Company News , Market News
We have recently acquired the Italian company EcamRicert and expanded our capabilities in environmental analyses and nanotechnologies.