The analyses performed on surveyed soils play a role of utmost importance in environmental investigations targeted to the characterization of the sites intended for commercial and industrial use as well as those intended for residential/public - private gardens, thus influencing the creation of infrastructural projects or the remediation or disposal of such land.

The analysis of industrial soils is frequently performed to evaluate the levels of contamination and set a recovery plan. The tests on soil characterization determine the potential suitability of soils in relation to different uses:

  • use in residential areas, public and private parks
  • commercial and industrial use
  • land disposal.

Downloadable Chain of custody

The Chain of custody is a document of fundamental importance to correctly manage samples information during sampling, transport, analysis and reporting. It guarantees the traceability of every sample. Mérieux NutriSciences offers templates that can be downloaded from the website and then filled in to accompany samples.

Distribution curves

The particle size distribution is of utmost importance because it influences the properties, the mechanical characteristics and the biotic phenomena of soils and sediments. Through its study, the classification of soil according to different international systems and the dimensional distribution graphs can be obtained.

Geotechnical testing

Tests are carried out in accordance with UNI CEN ISO/TS 17892 standard: water content (W), Attemberg limits, retained fraction to 0.4 mm, water limit (wL), plastic limit (wP), plasticity index (PI), liquidity index (LI), consistency index (CI), relationship between water content and conical tip penetration, anhydrous density (sampling with probe), wet density (sampling with probe), granules density (pycnometer method), particle size density (distribution curve) and effective porosity. The laboratory can also determine the soil and underground water aggressiveness towards concrete and perform all UNI EN 206 Table 2 tests.

May 15th, 2020
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