Support activities carried out by the emission team concern:

  • site assessment
  • drawing up of plans for site measurement and adaptation;
  • monitoring of all the parameters envisaged by the integrated environmental authorizations or authorizations to emissions;
  • data processing and drafting of the final measurement report;
  • the technical manager is in charge of the planning of activities liaising with customers; he awaits the closing of the session, then he processes and closes the final technical reports. He shall regularly fill the file on work progress and he is responsible for site measurement plan and drawing of test reports;
  • the technical supervisor waits for the closing of the session, then he processes all data and closes the final technical reports; he cooperates with the person in charge of drawing the progress report. 

May 29th, 2020
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  The unprecedented health crisis of Covid-19 is disrupting our daily life and organization of many companies all along the food chain. After the absolute urgency of the barrier measur...