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Silliker® Food Science Center

Silliker® Food Science Center

At Silliker® Food Science Center, we partner with you to create the food products and processes of tomorrow with the practical application of science today.

Silliker Food Science Center works because of our focus on scientific project management. Our experts
handle your individual project with a top focus on timeline deliverables, through project scoping, and enhanced communication.

We combine our areas of expertise in scientific project management with coordination between different
services including our routine testing, sensory division, training, consulting, packaging, and research &
development teams, creating a streamlined approach to get the answers you need.

Silliker® Food Science Centers are present worldwide

Our Silliker Food Science Centers are available worldwide, which includes Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America.

Silliker® Food Science Center Global Services

Silliker® Food Science Center: the new name!

Mérieux NutriSciences presents the newly named Silliker® Food Science Center, to honor our founder Dr. John H. Silliker. 

When Dr. John H. Silliker founded his first laboratory in 1967, he became a preeminent figure in the fight against Salmonella and food safety. He used science to develop practical and innovative solutions to answer food industry challenges. His work and vision continue to influence many generations of scientists and food experts as well as still guide our innovation-driven approach today. 

The Silliker® Food Science Center’s core philosophy is to Inspire. Discover. Innovate.


Dr. John H Silliker has inspired generations of scientists. It’s with this inspiration our scientists stand ready to continue the tradition of developing science and lead contract research projects for the food industry.

Find out what inspired our scientists in the Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific about Dr. Silliker’s approach to Innovation…

Imtiaz Ahmed, M.Phil.

Science Centre Manager, Australia

What inspires you?

Curiosity to know about the unknown and make a difference in the quality of life of people.

Omid Karimzada

Project Scientist, Australia

What inspires you?

Dr. Silliker’s passion and contribution to science which led us to today’s food safety standards.

Jessie Li, M.S.

Sensory & Consumer Supervisor, China

What inspires you?

Listening carefully to clients’ needs, approaching every problem cautiously, to provide clients with not only testing but solutions.

Yuting Wan, M.S.

Sensory & Consumer Specialist, China

What inspires you?

The focus on food quality and commitment to bringing a higher quality of life to consumers.

Ronnie Chen, Ph.D

Research Project Manager, China

What inspires you?

Continuously developing new & better methods to provide solutions based on the problems clients encountered.

Dingqiang Li, Ph.D., DVM

Clinical Research Manager, China

What inspires you?

The passion to fulfill the gap between unmet health needs and the food industry.

Char He, M.Phil.

Senior Research Scientist, China

What inspires you?

Providing technical services based on science, and keep learning from practice & research.

Trupti Pawar, Ph.D.

Project Manager – Technical Projects, India

What inspires you?

Learn and experiment to innovate. It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.

Bappa Ghosh, Ph.D.

Senior Manager Lab Operations, India

What inspires you?

Seeing what everybody has seen, but thinking what nobody has thought.

Wendy Katiyo, Ph.D.

Project Leader Expert Services, South Africa

What inspires you?

Dr. Silliker impacted consumers’ health by providing practical scientific solutions to food industry challenges.

Mutsa Rwasoka, Pr. Sci. Nat.

Technical Specialist Expert Services, South Africa

What inspires you?

Dr. Silliker’s approach to Innovation showed how we can practically apply scientific ideas to achieve food safety.


Dr. John H. Silliker’s fundamental principle was to provide a place to go when you need to know. This has driven us to work alongside food companies to solve their unique challenges with shelf life extension, product integrity, and method applicability.

Discover some examples of collaborations between the Silliker® Food Science Center and the food industry.


Dr. John H. Silliker continually pushed the boundaries of innovation which is continued today by our scientists. 

Hear from our scientists and how they innovate in their daily life in this video.

Let’s Innovate Together!

Silliker® Food Science Center Catalogue

Silliker Food Science Center Catalogue
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