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Bacterial identification & characterization

Bacterial identification & characterization

Identifying bacteria that can be potential sources of food contamination is key in preventing outbreaks.

Identifying bacteria to understand and prevent food contamination

Bacterial identification methods will provide you with a bacterial species and micro-organism name.

One step further to the identification of microorganisms is bacterial subtyping. Bacterial subtyping determines the similarity between separate isolates of bacteria of the same species.

By better understanding the origin of contamination of your end products, you will be able to identify the next steps you need to take in your plant. Preventive actions will allow you to offset economic losses by highly elusive food organisms and help decrease costly incidences of contamination.

Bacterial identification methods in our microbiology laboratory

Our bacterial identification and subtyping services allow you to:

  • Compare strains from different plant locations
  • Compare environmental isolates or isolates from ingredients to finished product isolates
  • Identify microbial niches and contamination hot spots

Our international network can also support MALDI TOF and next-generation sequencing technologies such as Whole Genome Sequencing for bacterial identification and characterization at the strain level.

Contact us to discuss how our bacterial ID services can support you in your manufacturing process!

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