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Environmental Monitoring Program

Environmental Monitoring Program

Environmental Monitoring is the best way to assess your facility and control the potential for contamination in your manufacturing processes.

Environmental Monitoring Programs reinforce your Food Safety Plan

Building an efficient Environmental Monitoring Program for food safety is a key preventive microbial monitoring strategy. It ensures the production environment is not contaminated by pathogens or spoilage bacteria. An EMP provides data to implement the right corrective actions in your factory.

Major global standards such as BRCGS require a well-designed EMP to measure the effectiveness of a current food safety plan in facilities. Likewise, EMPs can be necessary to meet local and international regulations.

With all efforts focused on end-product safety testing, monitoring major sources of food contamination and, in particular, the environment of production is often underestimated. Many product recalls can be traced to the environment of production. A well-considered and delivered environmental monitoring program is the best front-line defense against product safety failure. It can be far less costly than even a single product recall.

Mérieux NutriSciences offers 360° environmental monitoring services

By analyzing environmental samples, our experts will support you in identifying high-risk areas (or “contamination hot spots”) of bacterial contamination within factories.

An environmental monitoring program can validate the efficiency of your food safety systems and cleaning and sanitation procedures. Mérieux NutriSciences EMP plans allow early detection of the contaminations and their root cause. Therefore, it decreases the occurrence of consumer complaints and product recalls.

Contact us if you need support with:

  • Defining a comprehensive sampling plan, customized to your food products and factory design
  • Routine environmental sampling with microbiological swabs
  • Assessing the effectiveness of cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Investigating punctual or recurring contaminations with pathogens and spoilage micro-organisms
  • Investigating and preventing consumer complaints and products’ recalls

We support manufacturers with a wide range of additional environmental testing services, including digital tools to improve efficiency and advanced analytical methods customized to your needs:

Having an effective environmental monitoring program with a comprehensive sampling plan is crucial to ensure food safety. Contact us to discuss your need and develop a customized EMP.

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